1. experienced, practiced
2. having knowledge of


Financial Expertise in Arbitration and Litigation
Versant is a specialized dispute consulting firm. We provide clients with valuable insight into financial, accounting, and economic issues in complex, high-stakes disputes. Our professionals have decades of experience in international arbitration, commercial litigation, and other situations where reliable and persuasive quantum analysis is required.

We solve complex

Versant provides clear sightlines through complex information. Our analysis helps clients and triers of fact make better decisions with greater certainty. We start by asking the right questions, and then dig deep into the evidence to unearth the right solutions.

We are leaders in
our field

Versant is at the leading edge of quantum analysis. We understand the types of unique challenges that arise in disputes settings, and know the right tools to best overcome them. Our experts have recognized credibility that comes from being objective and independent.

We deliver value
to clients

Our goal is to provide world-class financial expertise in an efficient and cost-conscious manner. Versant experts always give clients their focused attention and service. We form long-term, trusted relationships by being reliable and effective.